Media Groupings

Hello.  I'm a 20 year long user of SongShowPlus and am 98% sure that I'm going to be switching to Easyworship.  There is really just one thing that I don't like and want to know if there's a solution to.

I've got probably a hundred motion backgrounds that I've accumulated over the years and I have them all categorized into styles and events/holidays so in SSP it's easy to find what I'm looking for.  I don't find anyway to add sub-groups in EW.  Do I really just have to scroll through hundreds of files dumped into one location, or is there a way of categorizing video files?  Thanks!

You are looking for the "Collections" feature. Please note that while it will allow you to organize the files like you want, you will only see that while in the Collections portion of the Media Tab. When you go to the main section of the Resource Area ALL of the files of the specific type (video, audio, image, etc) will be visible. This is a close as you can get to what you are looking for in EW6 and newer.

Boom!  That is fantastic, I love it, I can just add a collection and filter by directory.  This is way better than what I had in mind, I just didn't know where to look.  Thank you!

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