Theme Restoration, Lost Files, Font Size Changes

Several issues:

1.  Somehow all of the themes that were originally on Easy Worship disappeared and I don't know how to get them back.  They are on the computer upstairs in the balcony, but not on my office computer.  

2.  I have also lost songs on my office computer.  Is there any way to copy the song file from the balcony computer to my office computer?  

3.  Both computers have the same version of Easy Worship (EW 6) but do not behave the same way.  I generally prepare my schedule in my office and then transfer via thumb drive to the computer in the balcony.  When verifying, I find the font size has changed in appearance.  I use Times New Roman 84 font when creating and everything looks great.  When I transfer to the balcony computer, it shows the same font (TNR 84) but the size on the display has increased such that words are running off the page.  Because of this, I have to go through the entire schedule to make sure visibility is correct.

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1, You should just be able to reinstall the demo data and get those back.  Click on PROFILES//ADD/REMOVE demo data. If it thinks it is already installed then remove it and reinstall it. 

2. Put the songs in a schedule file and then save to a USB drive and take it to the other machine and open the schedule and it should give you the option to import them into that database. If it does not the right click on the schedule and select check schedule for changes. 

3.You need to make sure that the resolution on the computer are creating everything is set to the same as the other one. Also check that the font sizes etc are the same in each EW machine. 

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