cannot use my media download for Xmas and New Year

We cannot use the media downloaded for Xmas and New Year, they are not playing

 If it has the Yellow Triangle and states the download is 0.0kb that means the download failed and never completed. Try downloading it again.

Thanks for your prompt response Terry, 1. Build: 2. Machine Spec: Dell XPS laptop, 64 bit OS, x64 based processor 3. If we put in Schedule, it does not show, it’s black, it has yellow triangular shape on the download with 0.0kb

I will try to help you. 

What are the specifications of your machine?

 Also open EW and click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORHSIP and let me know what build you are running.

If you put one in the media area under videos does it show up as a thumbnail or is it black? 

If you put it in the schedule and then go live with it and then click on HELP//VIDEO CODEC TROUBLE SHOOTING what shows up in the list. 

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