Hymn Number in Copyright Text area on slide

Since you have the option of entering a hymn number when creating a hymn/song, it'd be nice if this number could be (optionally, by theme) displayed with the copyright text.  Currently we make an additional slide with the hymn title and number alone, for folks at home who use their hymnals.  Having that as an automatic option would save us a step.

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I have been doing this for years. I have just added the number to the NAme of the song.

e.g. In our hymnbook we have a song called:

"A Hymn Of Glory Let Us Sing   228"

The name and the number then both show in the copyright info. You can also see in the database or schedule the name AND number of the song.

I have also added a line that says:

228  "Your Hymnal Name"       in a separate line. EW can then search for the song by Name AND number - very handy. and quick to find a song either way.

So, those features are already there.

I agree that there's always a "way to do it", but my request is that it be native to the application.  We actually have a song slide with the hymn title and the hymn number (helps with our organist as she plays the introductory stanza).  But what I'm requesting is that, down in the copyright text, not only copyright info shows, but also the hymn number.  Not as a thing I add to the hymn title (which of course can be done), but something native to the application (i.e., it just does it).

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