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I wanted to cancel the annual auto renew, but I cannot find where.

 If you would like to manage or cancel your subscription or change payment options, login to your account at

Once you are logged in, click on Software Licenses at the top, and then you have the option to change or cancel your subscription.

If your subscription lapses for any reason or you decide to cancel your subscription, EasyWorship will continue to work as a demo with the watermark on the live output.  If you later decide to renew your subscription, you will just need to log back into the program to remove the watermark.

Where? Where is the change or cancel the subscription button? I attached my screen shot. Could you let me know please?

(174 KB)

Sam call in and talk to our orders dept. and they will get this corrected. 918-250-1493

I want to renew another year
Could you help me renew?

Since the subscription expired back on 10/22/21 you will need to just add a new subscription to the cart once you login. After you have added it to the cart and then check out you will have a subscription again.

I have EasyWorship 7 single projector license that shows build version (one-time purchase, not currently subscribed)

I would like to upgrade to the subscription model and need to know how to do so?

Do I simply download the latest version and install it? Will the new version utilize all my current songs and bible versions? Any tips or tricks I need to be aware of?

@Steve Schmidt, we do have a discount offer running right now for people switching from the one-time purchase to the subscription. If you log into your main account for your license, you should see the offer there. If not, please call our orders dept and they will walk you through getting that discount. This is only for a limited time, so you will need to do it soon.

Upgrading to the newest build of EW will always keep all your data. You won't lose anything.  And yes, you can just download and install the 7.3 update from our downloads page whether you subscribe or not.

EasyWorship 7 (build

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