Easy Worship 6 - File won't open


We are using EW6 and so far it has not given us any problems until today.  I tried to open the schedule from last week and it wouldn't open.  Msg said it could not find the file.  I save all my work and I don't know how to retrieve it if it won't open with "open schedule".

Bob Lumpkin

BMBC Audio Media Ministry

More than likely it was saved to a different location than usual, or was saved to a portable location or shared drive that isn't plugged in or turned on. Use the Search feature in Windows File Explorer to search for EW Schedule files. Use the following search criteria.  *.ewsx It should provide a list of all of the schedule files. Look thru the list to find the appropriate one. If that find it you'll need to check to see if any external storage options (flash drives, external hard drives, etc) had been used by searching them as well.


Is the schedule file saved on the local hard drive or is it on a network drive that may have lost connection?

Hello It is saved on the hard drive of the laptop. I did create a new schedule that is working, but would still like to access the other one. Thanks

Use Windows File Manager to do a search for all of the .ewsx files on the computer. EWSX is the extension that EW uses for schedule files. If you know what the file name is enter that into the search box. 

If you don't remember the exact name of the schedule file, enter *.ewsx as the search criteria. This will find all of the schedule files on that hard drive. Sort thru the results for the one for date of that file.

Hello, I get the error msg saying "Cannot open schedule file. The file is an invalid Easy Worship file".

What is the full file name of that schedule file with the extension? Should be something like Dec13.ewsx 

I found the file and upon looking at it I don't see why the file gives an error. The extension is correct for the file (ewsx). I had to create a new schedule for this past Sunday and as much as I would like to have that file, I will recreate what I remember. Thanks for your help. Stay Safe and have a Happy Holiday.

It sounds like the file became corrupted. I have no idea how to go about fixing it, but I seem to recall EW Support being able to do so to some extent from the old Forums. No idea where that post or thread was found though. Hopefully one of their support personnel will drop in and let us know what options might be available.

Again, thanks and stay healthy.

My pleasure. And same to you and yours.

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