Paid registered still watermarked

Is anyone experiencing issues with the paidversion of easy worship 6 still showing watermark? This seems to have happened recently.

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We had the same issue this morning start with Easyworship 7.  Our key is active and shows active on the Easyworship website.  WE have a yearly subscription for the software.  Did this happen to anyone else this morning?  

Both of you will need to open a support ticket with EW Support for this. Best option is to call them on the phone.


Every month I got charged but when I open the easyworship it gives the message that my subscription it's about to expire. Please, let me know what I can do to stop this.

Also, something to consider; most of the people works on busines ours and your technical support only works until 6pm Central. I believe a lot people only works with this program at service time or a little before. I need to request a day off or a half just to get something done. Just a thought ( I love this program)

I whole heartily agree. Church related software should have support personnel available on Sundays when people actually use the software. Unfortunately none of the Church Presentation Software Programs offer any support (except for user to user forums) outside of regular standard 9-5 M-F business hours that I know of. 

We have discussed in the past having support on the weekends but most of our employees are active in their churches and cannot work on Sunday mornings. We would have to hire individuals that do not attend church on Sunday mornings or who are willing to not go to church on Sunday mornings. There is a lot more to it than that, but that is one of the biggest obstacles.

No reasonable person would expect a full support staff, but one person each week on a rotating schedule so no one would miss every Sunday service should be doable. 

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