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When I pack files in my schedule and save so I can add scheduled items to my other laptop, for some reason none of the sermon Presentations ever add to the Resource when I choose "Add to Resource". I had a forum topic about this years ago and cannot search for it and renew the discussion because you can't search the forums any more. All other presentation files add to my Resource (announcement loops, individual announcement slides) but not my sermon Presentations. 

Anyway, I uploaded a EW schedule sermon file link here for others to try it out and it worked on their EW. I thought it could be because I might not have the same sermon presentation theme installed on my laptop, but since it worked with other users here on the forums, that can't be it. FYI - I uninstalled just the EW software, so when I reinstalled it, everything was still there, media, database, registration, etc. 

The final suggestion was to uninstall EW on both computers and reinstall it. That did not work. I am now trying to solve this problem because the worship pastor does half the schedule and I do the other half (from home). I don't want to have to go into the office just to pick up the worship computer, bring it home, do the EW on it instead of my own, and then take it back to the office for Sunday.  

Here's a copy of this past Sunday's schedule - everything replaces or adds to resource except the Right Side Up Kingdom:

EW Schedule 102520

 Go to Profiles - Profile Manager and create a new profile. That will NOT delete your current one but will create a brand new profile with the default settings. I would backup the existing profile just in case tho as you can never be too cautious. Switch to the new profile and see if that allows you to import the presentation and everything else. If it does that would indicate that the issue is somewhere in the profile and not the program.

EW might have some other ideas to try.

I don't have any profiles except the Default. How do you back that up? I went in to "Edit" for the Default profile and it said that it was in C:\...\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default. 

There is a Default Folder in the Default Folder, but it has nothing in it. I don't think I have room on my computer to back up the entire Easyworship folder, but is that what you are saying I should do?

ok, I went ahead and created a new profile without backing up my old one. So, if I'm seeing this makes a whole new folder in Easyworship and copies all the resources to that folder too - so now I have duplicate files and videos. I'm gonna run out of space very soon. And now the Sermon Presentation showed up in my Resource, but it isn't in my main "Default" profile because I have a new folder that contains everything. I need to build the presentation from the Default profile and none of the resources are in this new "profile". I went back to the Default Profile and the Sermon Presentation isn't in there. I've never used different profiles obviously, so this is a whole new problem.

Trying to learn on a Friday is not fun! So I figured out how to add a new profile and have it point back to an existing profile (Default) that has all the songs, resources, etc.

This new profile has the same problem as the Default Profile. It won't add the Sermon Presentation. The other new Profile I did that points to a new location (that has no resources) will add the Sermon Presentation to the Resource. So I'm back to my original problem :( 

Andrea, It does sound like there is something messed up in your Default database that is not allowing it to import the Sermon Presentation. I want to double check if this is an EW presentation or a PPT presentation? NVM, I am opening the schedule to check it out.

I was able to add all items from the schedule to my resources including Right Side Up Kingdom.

It might be best if you can have a remote session with one of our technicians. You can go to to schedule a time for one of them to give you a call and remote in and look at it with you.

Andrea the idea of creating a new profile is to have a fresh start without any additional images, videos, or customizations. It would also have the stock as shipped with EW databases. It shouldn't copy over any of your old media to it. The idea is to get a fresh start temporarily for diagnostic purposes.

As for backing up the old profile that is normally done to a flash drive or external hard drive

Thanks for the feedback guys! My Default profile is 137Gb so I have to take back my 256Gb thumb drive that my husband absconded from me. I will definitely work with support on this next Tuesday or Wednesday. I've been using EW for 20 years and this is the biggest issue that I've come across.

If it's that large you could just close EW, rename it by adding .old to the name (re:  Default.old), then start EW again, and create a new default profile with minimal media just for testing. 

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