Creating Themes

I'm getting mighty confused trying to create some new themes.

I can create one, a split screen theme, easily enough but I am now trying to create two more variants of it so I can have the words on the left, on the right and at the bottom. What I really need is a "duplicate theme" command so I can work on the new one without changing the old one, or maybe a "save as new theme" button.

I have somehow now got my three themes but the names I have given them do not correspond to the way the content is laid out.

I have tried exporting them and importing again and that doesn't seem to help. I also want to set up the same three themes as song themes and scripture themes. Is there any way other than starting from scratch six times?

You can export and import the theme back in and then edit it so you're not starting from scratch and that would do the same thing as a 'save as' option, but currently there is not a way to copy a song theme as a scripture or presentation theme or vice versa.

Thanks Dan,

I tried that, even changing the file name before importing it again but it seemed to overwrite the existing theme. Is the file name the same as theme name or is this where I have got things into a muddle?

Changing the file name before you import it back in should do it. I just tested it myself and was able to import it as a new theme if I renamed it on my desktop before importing it back in.

Thanks Dan.

I am still getting confused. I have a theme called Split B (because the text is on the bottom half). I have exported it then imported it and it has overwritten the theme called Split R.

It looks as if the theme started life called Split R, I rearranged it and renamed it and exported it as Split B but somehow, internally and invisible to anyone, it has kept its old name so when it is imported it has overwritten the theme with its old name not the one with the new name.

Can you work out what is going on?

Also, can I export a song theme and import the file as a scripture theme or are they different formats?

You may want to contact support about this issue if it isn't working for you. Just to give another detail of what I did, I created a theme and exported it to my desktop. Then I renamed it on my desktop and then imported it back into EW. It did not overwrite the original one. I'm attaching a video to show what I did. 

There is not a way to import a song theme as a scripture theme or vice versa. Whatever the theme is exported as is what you can import it as.

(3.89 MB)

Thanks Dan.

Yes, I did something slightly different just now.

I created a theme and exported it. Then I changed and renamed the theme in EW, so I still have only one theme.

I then imported it and now have two, the old one, exported and re-imported and the changed one.

I then changed the newly imported one into the third theme I need and imported the original one again. It overwrote the 2nd one.

All most odd.


You may just need to contact support and see if they can help you figure it out with a remote session.


I've got my three themes now but there seems to be a lack of information on how to do this generally.

I've now had another undocumented feature of themes.

Having created my three themes by creating one, exporting it, renaming it and importing it again  It all seemed to be working fine then I deleted the original one, which I no longer needed, and it went but one of the other versions suddenly changed to grey with an exclamation mark.

There is still something going on that I don't understand!

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