[ANSWERED]Database transfer from EW 2007 XP to EW6 win 10


I am trying to move our database from EW 2007 on an old XP pro machine . I have had no issues setting up EW6 with the demo files. However when I try using the process found at

https://support.easyworship.com/support ... r-database

I get the convert box asking if I want to convert then it starts with the converting database box and the green line gets to maybe 5% then vanishes and nothing gets imported or converted and all I am left with is an empty list of resources.

I have tried on 3 instals on 3 machines. Our EW2007 instal works fine and is used weekly.

Help please!!

Hi Terry

I did a quick test at home and the database convered with no issues using the older version of EW6! PTL!

thank you for your swift reply!

I am sorry that you are having this issue.

There are some 2009 databases that will not convert with the current build of EW6. The solution to this is to install EW6 build 3.3 and convert the database and then update to the current build.
You can download EW6 build 3.3 from the link below:
https://easyworship.com/downloads/ew_builds/current/EasyWorship6Previous.exe:307a6wn0]Click here

After you have installed this, browse to C:UsersPublicDocumentsSoftouchEasyWorship[Default]v6.1Databases and rename the Data folder to Data.old
Open EW6 and let it convert the database. (If it asks you to install the update, tell it to Skip)

After the database is converted, click on Help, Check for Updates and download and install the update to the current build.