[ANSWERED]Looping Video Playlist


I have been working around trying to make this work for the last couple days and I can't seem to get it to work for me.

I really enjoy playing the mini inspirational videos before service. At the moment the easiest way for me to do this seems (to my knowledge) to be to add the ones I want to use to a presentation, then manually advance to the next one after the previous one finishes.

Is there a way for me to set the presentation to auto-advance, and then repeat after it finishes to the end allowing me to do other things while this video runs? If not is this a feature that is planned in the future or is there any workarounds?

Thanks in advance, EW6 has been a blessing for our church.

Thanks a bunch, this worked perfectly!

Edit the Presentation.

Click on the MasterSlide [attachment=0:vho0offo]masterslide.jpg[/attachment:vho0offo]
Then click on Inspector and select Slide and change the Advance from On click to Delayed. This will set it so that when one video is finished it will pause briefly and then start the next video. Next click on Presentation and check the Loop Presentation box. Now it should be ready to go.