[RESOLVED]Problem Importing PPT Slides in Widescreen

I am not able to import PowerPoint slides into Easyworship 6 in widescreen (16:9) view.

When viewed through the ppt. program the song slides display in widescreen.
However, once imported into EW6 they display with a black band across the top and the bottom of each slide.

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


Here are a few things to check

Check the DPI setting of each monitor in the Display Settings and make sure they are set to 100%. Right click on the Windows Desktop and then left click on Display Settings. Here you will see your monitors. Click on each one and make sure that the box for "Change the size of text, apps and other items" is set to 100%

Make sure PowerPoint is set to Use Current Resolution. In PowerPoint click on SLIDE SHOW and SETUP SLIDE Show and make it is set to Use Current Resolution.

If using Viewer, disable display scaling on PPTVIEW.exe This link will show you how to do that https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/6000149208-powerpoint-displays-in-upper-left-corner:1fxkl00b]Click here

If this does not help let me know.
The DPI setting of each monitor in Display Settings is set to 100%;
PowerPoint is set to Use Current Resolution (this field is grayed-out and cannot be changed);
And...I'm not using a Viewer.
Thank-you Terry for responding to my post!

Problem Solved!
Under Live Options the Output Position settings were incorrect (the "Left" and "Top" were set at "0").

Once those were changed everything works fine.