[RESOLVED]Problems with EW6 and Powerpoint 2013 following move to new computer


We have just migrated Easyworship 6 to a new computer. It has been less than straightforward because of issues with themes (I think related to the fact that they were originally from EW 2009). I've managed to work around this by resetting all the backgrounds in the themes and reapplying the themes to the songs.

However, I am completely stuck with getting EW6 to work with Powerpoint 2013. The issue is a blank screen on the second (projector) display. If I switch to the Powerpoint Viewer then it will work fine but the programme tells me this is not recommended.

So far I have tried:
[*] Uninstalling and reinstalling Powerpoint 2013.
[*] Removing trial for Office 365 that came with the computer.
[*] Resetting the default programs for presentations.
[*] Installing all updates for Office.

Laptop is an i3-6100U with 8GB RAM, SSD, Win 10 Home 1607
Nvidia Geforce 940m graphics
Powerpoint 2013 (32-bit)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am sorry that you are having this issue I will try to help.

Here are some steps.

1. Make sure that the drivers for the 940m are updated with the most current ones from nVidia.com

2. Make sure that you do not have multiple versions of PowerPoint installed.

3. Check the DPI settings for all monitors and make sure that they are set to 100%

4. Do a Quick Repair on MS office.

5. Check Windows updates if there are any for Office be sure to install them.

6. Make sure that the virus scanner or fire wall is not blocking or moving the files below.

7. If none of that works then make a backup of you data folder and then rename the following files and then re-open EW:
Hi Terry

Thanks for your detailed response. I've followed all the steps. Still no luck.

Step 7 was interesting, when the database was rebuilt all the presentations showed yellow exclamation marks. Would this indicate a problem between EW and Powerpoint rather than a Graphics driver issue?

I am not sure. I am going to create a ticket and we can work on it that way.
Hi Terry

Just to update you, I removed Office 2013 and installed Office 2016 (365) which immediately solved all the Powerpoint issues.

The Office 2013 version was Pro Plus.

I hope this is useful information.

Thanks for your support.
Thanks for the update!