[RESOLVED] Video playback controls

Continuing into our move to EW6, I searched for one of my videos from my YouTube channel, added it to the schedule, and clicked "Go Live", the video played back full screen like is should, however there are no video control buttons, to pause, stop or even go back in the video timeline. Am I missing something? If I'm not missing something, and they aren't in the program, can they be added into the next update? In 2009, we could drag the slider bar to where we want to begin playing, then hit the play button, but this isn't the case in EW6.


I missed that you were playing Youtube videos. You won't have player controls for the youtube videos because they are on the screen where the video is playing.
Thanks Roger! I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

It's great knowing that help is only a message away! Thanks guys for responding.
If you don't get player controls, it may be setup as a background. Right click the video in the resource area, click edit video properties.
Set media usage to auto click ok and go live.
Thanks Terry! This makes sense, just didn't have a way to test it last night. Like I said we have had to reinstall Windows 10 twice in the last 10 days, and there are no local videos yet stored on the local drive.

If you play a video from the web interface in EW 6 it works the same way it did on 09. It shows the YouTube interface on the live screen and you have to pause it or stop it by clicking on the actual live output on the projector.

If you play a video from inside EW6 you have the controls in the window below.
While I was laying awake in bed last night, I started to think about the video we tried last night, and it was a video from YouTube, played through the web interface. We didn't try playing a local video, as we didn't have anything on that PC following the OS reinstall from a few days ago. We'll try it this weekend, with something stored locally, and see if there are player controls that way.