[RESOLVED]Powerpoints are enlarged beyond use. (fixed)

I am fairly new to easy worship, and have come across a odd bug. When using powerpoints that have been imported into EW, the powerpoint is scaled up by a factor of about 3-5x, and then translated so that the resulting oversized image is taking up the bottem half of the screen (the net result being that only a small portion of the power point is visible on the lower half of the screen, and the top half is straight black. (this happens both on screen and the preview windows so I doubt its a display issue).

Working exclusively in EW is not a option as there are several guest speakers, and swiching between EW and powerpoint is a pain. Any suggestions as to what is wrong would be appreciated.

Basic trouble shooting has revealed nothing.
The computer uses a i7 4770, 8gb ram, 2gb 750ti, windows 10 home which should be way more then enough to handle this.
I have tested with both use powerpoint viewer and video card shrink filter both on and off.

I'm chiming in to track responses, as I'm having the same issue after upgrading to build 6.5.5. Everything worked fine for me in the previous build of EW6.

Follow the steps in this link and if it does not help you let me know.

https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/6000149208-powerpoints-are-zoomed-after-update:d421ffan]PowerPoints Are Zoomed after Update
Switching away from the viewer had already been tried, and I was unable to locate the PTVIEW.exe file (I dont have any office folder in my "program files (x86)", and I dont have a office 14 file in the office folder in the "programs files" folder.) The computer is running a full version of office 2013.
Hi haxltd,

Right click the desktop, click on display settings.
Select your secondary screen, but clicking on the box for that screen.
Make sure the slider under "Change the size of text, apps, and other times: " is all the way to the left.
It should be at 100%.
Our fallback was at 300%, changing it to 100% fixed the problem.