[RESOLVED a faulty HDMI cable between a switch and a splitter] Problems with showing videos in easyworship 6

We have just refurbished the church and have a projector and 2 flat TV screens in Church. We are struggling to project videos without there being some jumping and flickering of the videos. Is there something obvious causing this or not? Someone suggested it could be a screen resolution issue but I wonder if it is something in easyworship? Any help would be appreciated! It is only playing videos that is an issue not hymns or readings......


In order to trouble shoot this I need to know a few things. What are your computer specifications?

What is the CPU type and Speed? Example: 3.0 GHz Intel i5 or i7 Processor

The amount of RAM? Example:8 GB RAM

What video graphics card? Example: NVIDIA GeForce GT 250, AMD Raedeon 4650 or Intel3000

What version of Windows? Example: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
Hello Terry,

The laptop is a new one to respond to your questions:

It's a Acer
Windows 10 (64-bit)
6GB Ram
750GB hard drive
Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 - 4200 CPU @ 1.5 GHz 2.30 GHz"
"Intel HD Graphics 4400 up to 1792 MB Dynamic Video Memory"


I need you to run a test on the computer.
Open EW and then go live with one of the videos that you are having the trouble with and then click on help//video codec trouble shooting and let me know what shows up in that list.

Also when you are live with the video bring up the Windows task manager by doing a Ctrl + ALt+Del and clicking on Task Manager. In Task Manager click on the Performance tab and while the video is playing see if anything is maxing out to 100% such as the CPU.
Copy and paste from the codec help etc.

FILE - 20/04/2016 09:57:39
WMVideo Decoder DMO
WMAudio Decoder DMO
Video Mixing Renderer 9
Default DirectSound Device

As for CPU usage....20% maximum it went to - nothing pulling anything near 100%

Hope this helps.....?
Hi Brad32,
Are these videos HD videos?
Browse to one of the videos and right click on it, then click properties and Details.
Please reply with the details.
It's possible that the video quality is so high that the video card cannot support the playback through EasyWorship.
The video in .wmv format is 93.8MB
it doesn't appear to be HD
Thanks for that information.
What is the bitrate on the videos and what is the resolution of the video?
That will tell me if it's HD or not.
That should be on the details tab that I directed you to.
I think we may have resolved the issue. It looks to have been a faulty HDMI cable between a switch and a splitter we have installed with the new system. I replaced an HDMI cable (quite by chance) and it seems to have sorted the issue out. Thanks for your help in this matter and I will come back if there is any further problem.
Brad 32