[Tips & Tricks] Countdown and alerts

I have watched the youtube video for how to set up the countdown and the alerts. Are there written directions for how to do this or is the video the only directions? I have set up a countdown alert, but the times are off and I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I think written directions would be easier for me to follow. Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction!

There are written directions! In the EW help, type Alert in the search section and one of the first choices is how to set up the alerts. YEA! There are written directions.

I can't get my countdown to work, but I have written directions.
We would need a little more information on how you're setting up your countdown. Are you just creating a countdown and setting it for a certain amount of time or are you counting down to your service start time you set in the Service Intervals in the Options menu? If you're counting down to the service start time, go to Edit, Options, Service Intervals and make sure the times are correct. There is currently a bug that messed up the times when the time changed for Daylight Savings time. That could be why your times are off.
Thanks for replying. I have Service will start in (Countdown as my token). Display count: Until token expiration. Type: countdown to service start, format: nn:ss. Service start and stop time - Sunday
Start time 10:30:01.
I would like to set it up, so that the countdown would start at 10:25 and end at 10:30. For now, it starts whenever I turn it on and say show, and then it will show days, hours, minutes and seconds. Well, Sunday morning after 10 a.m. it is only showing minutes and seconds. Sunday afternoon it would show days, hours, minutes and seconds.
Right now you'll have to manually turn on the countdown, the software doesn't have an option to tell it to turn on the countdown automatically at a specific time each week.

Make sure your service intervals are setup properly so that the start time is correct. Also make sure the date and time are correct on the computer.

The software will countdown to the next nearest time in the list of service times.
You'll use 24 hr time when setting up your service intervals instead of AM/PM. So you'll 1:00 PM would be 13:00.
Ok. The way we have it set up is working.

Either the written directions in EW help or the youtube video made it sound like I could set it for a specific time. So having it not work like I thought it should made me think that it was me. But if it can't work that way right now, then I am not doing anything wrong.

An automatic Countdown would be WONDERFUL!
My volunteers sometimes take a while to adapt to the new programming functions.
We used to have a "video" schedule element with a countdown timer that they would click on at the correct time.
Now they need to remember to open up an Alert at the proper time without changing away from the announcement slideshow.
Since we had never used any alerts in the previous version, it is harder for them to remember to open it up.
An automated alert that I can set to begin at 5 or 10 minutes before the service would save a lot of hassle.

BTW...I really like the ability to make an announcement slideshow within EW!

I just wish it was easier to interact with pictures and videos... i.e. you currently need to go to the Media>Images or Media>videos, find the media you want, right-click on them, set their properties to "background" and then go back and enter them into the schedule, etc. If you don't do it in the right order, you get a picture that takes over the screen, and you can't simply right-click on the offending picture on the slide and change it's properties. You must delete it from the song/slice, close the song, go back to Media>Images and find the picture again and change the properties, then open up the song, find the picture again, and insert it again........not a good work flow...unless I am missing a trick...

Ken Wells
CUMC, Washington, IN
I agree with Ken, I need an automatic countdown or even if I could make a presentation and link the countdown or timer alert to it would be great. Something that doesn't need to be reset every week and can just be added to the schedule.
Please see our Alerts training video.
You can setup an alert that you select from the dropdown that will countdown to service start.
You don't have to build it every week.
Here is a link to the training video.
http://training.easyworship.com/support ... 445-alerts

Ken, you can set the options for media after you add it to a presentation via the inspector, but right now you cannot do that in the schedule if you are adding it to the schedule by itself.
I get the alert templates and all, but once you close a schedule, the alert is no longer there. My volunteers don't do any programming or adding things so it would be nice to link a countdown alert to a picture and save it in the schedule. Does that make sense?