[Tips & Tricks] How to play a YouTube video?

Can I just load a youtube and have it come up full screen and ready to play?

I was looking for the answer to this question. The link for the listed video does not exist or the link is broken. I'm still looking for the resolution to the question.

Hi ! I have updated the link.
The link is still broken. To be quite honest it's pathetic how many links in these forums are like that. So far today about 80 to 90% are broken making it impossible to get answers to previous problems.

I'm very sorry about that. Many of our links link to an old support page. I've fixed that link. When you click it now, it will work.
Thank you.
I know EasyWorship can play You Tube clips, but what is the copyright status of You Tube clips?

As I understand they are to be only used for personal use and not for public projection.

Anyone have any comments on this?
It depends on the license and how you display it. Basically the Standard License allows you to display it as long as you aren't presenting it for monetary gain or advertising, don't misrepresent it as your own work, Modify it, and play it in it's own player you are good to go. The Creative Commons License gives you full rights to do with it as you wish. You can check out the YT TOS here. https://www.youtube.com/static?template=terms
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