[v6 General Discussion] Delete or archive resources?

Over time, the Resources folders accumulate a large number of items, like Powerpoint files, videos, images etc - to say nothing of thousands of files in SharedMedia.

Is there a simple way to either archive these files (ie move elsewhere), or at least to delete them. It turns out that you cannot simply delete the files from the folders on disk, presumably because the database still contains references to these files, and tries to access them on startup; if they are not there it freezes. Apparently right-clicking on a Resources item in the Resources area on screen and selecting "Delete", removes the item from the database and on disk (except sometimes this action apparently does neither).

It would be helpful to be able to move or delete Resource items by date, but Date Modified only appears for Presentations.

Have I missed something?

Thanks for your reply.

I was afraid that's what I need to do! That works OK for things like Powerpoints, but for media files it's a bit more complicated, firstly because you can't sort media files by date in EasyWorship, and secondly the Date Modified may not be very helpful anyway, because you may not want to archive images or mp4's used as backgrounds etc by Date Modified. The Date Added (to EasyWorship) could be helpful here, but we don't have access to that.
I've always archived EW6 and 7 files manually in Windows File Explorer by copying the files to an archive folder. I then delete them in EW Resource Area. I haven't found an easier way to do it so far.

EW changed the way they deal with files in EW6 and 7 over how they did them in 2009 due to people losing files (according to EW Tech Support here in the forums). While I much preferred how they were handled in 2009 I understand why they made the change.