[v6 General Discussion] Text formatting on imported schedule

I have been creating schedules at home and transferring them onto the church PC.

We have version on both PCs which are both on the latest version of Window 10.

Both PCs have the default theme set to justify the song text centre vertically and horizontally.

When the schedule has loaded onto the church PC all of the the songs text has changed to top justify and needs correcting.

Is there a rogue setting somewhere on the church PC?

We have to contend with something similar. I create schedules at home and, for the songs, we use a 48 point font which has invariably changed to 51 or 53 point by the time I open it on the church PC. This is despite the default song font size being set to 48 point on both PCs. I then have to drag the song theme onto each song in the schedule to get it to revert to the 48 point size that I want. Go figure ...
EasyWorship is having to scale the text based on screen resolution and dpi.

You might try setting a custom position at home to the same res as the church computer's output screen.

If the home computer is using scaled dpi, that can throw it off too.