[v6 General Discussion] Youtube video not displaying


Put two Youtube videos into my schedule. When I hit Go Live, I could hear sound but there was no picture. What would be casuing this?


Buff :P

I would like to know the system specs. If you hear the audio and there is no video, it sounds like the video card isn't handling the rendering of the video the way that EW is having to render it to get it from the browser out the output screen.
Some Youtube videos are copyrighted and they will not allow you to play them through a 3rd party software. If they are files that you downloaded what type of files are they?
Three things. First, you'll probably have better luck thru e-mail. They don't seem to watch the forum as much as they did in the EW2009 days.

Second, please include ALL of your hardware and software specs in as much detail as possible, including your graphics drivers. Quite often that has a major impact on problems and it's pretty much impossible to diagnose problems without them.

Third, is this a recent problem? Did it work properly previously? If so, what changes have you made to the hardware and/or software since it last worked?

Remember, none of us or the support staff are there looking over your shoulder to see what is actually happening. You have to be our eyes and ears so too much detail is better than not enough.

This place is so quiet! Is everything done via Facebook now??

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