[v6 General Discussion] multi screen setup dialog box problems


We are running 3 hdmi screens (front, operator and fold back) with 1902x1080 resolution on all.
Windows has has decide the front is the left hand screen, operator is the centre and foldback is right.

The primary screen is selected as the operator screen and is the only screen with the windows menu at the bottom.

Normally the save dialog box for schedules will appear on the foldback screen which the operator cannot see.

On the Sunday service we had a dialog box popup with the power point security question appear on front screen behind the presentation.

In the windows api there is a call to find out what screen the main application is running and there is an option that you can use to select which screen the dialog boxes appear on. There is a good reason for this, and it is due to windows randomness. note word and excel have the same problem but power point and visio don't.

Thanks Maurice

Are you asking a question or making a statement? We have made changes to make this less of a problem with EasyWorship and we used the call that you specified, however a powerpoint security box is outside of EasyWorship's control. The EasyWorship save as window will appear where you used it last as it is a windows browse control that we are calling.
Hi Rodger,

More of a statement, I did not find anything about it in the forums. It is still and on going issue for us with the last version of ver6 and was hoping you have done something about it.

When I can get time to test version 7, you are saying it should be right.

Thanks Maurice
Version should have addressed issues with EasyWorship windows however browse window locations are handled by windows since EasyWorship calls the Windows browse control, and PowerPoint notifications are controlled by PowerPoint.