[v6 General Discussion] Changes to song layout don't save

Weird one: I imported a CCLI song, and that worked great.But the default line arrangement doesn't fit onscreen. No problem, I just add ctrl+enter at the proper place to create a new slide.

Problem is it doesn't save, even when I select save at exit. I've tried everything I can think of, Unless it's read only and I don't know how to change (or check) for that.

Any Ideas?

EW 6


if you click on HELP//ABOUT EASYWORSHIP which build are you running?
I'm running the latest release, as I keep my updates current V 6
go to profiles, profiles manager, edit your profile.
Click the sort order tab
Then click Use Windows User Locale
Click OK and close until all the windows are closed and give it a try.
That seems to do it. If anything changes, I'll post back. Man this one had me pulling my hair out!
Well, it still isn't working. And it's more than one song.
Any suggestions?
You may need to call us and we can try to trouble shoot it.