[v6 General Discussion] Mov stutters after update


I am now running version on Win10 Home.

I built my sched as I normal do when it popped up the , do you want to update to new version. I said sure and continued as it downloaded. I saved sched, closed and updated and when I opened it again I added my media motions to my songs.
When I went to test on live the mov files were all stuttering/choppy. CPU is fine and all updates are on my pc. It was fine last time I ran this.
If tested using WMV files they run fine live or preview. It is only MOV. Hoping its just a codec or simple issue due to update as 95% of my media is mov files.

I may have been mistaken. I just tried downloading the images I was going to use for tomorrow in WMV format but they dont seem to load/play either now. Tested a few wmv i had in the library are fine. but a few mov do seem to play as well but not many.
One mov i have, if i go live or play in the preview its choppy. but what is very weird, is if i right click on it in easyworship, and select edit video properties, it plays fine in that window. now im really confused
Please give us a call, so a tech can take a look and diagnose what might be causing the problem.
Thanks Roger, I will try to do that. Been busy and have not had a chance to play with it this past week. I did some tests on Sunday before the service and it seemed to be fine using the overhead with motions. Today when getting it ready again, it is still an issue. However this is testing the live locally on the laptop.
I will see if it is still an issue tomorrow morning on the overhead. Then look to do a call next week sometime.