[v6 General Discussion] Easyworship 6 & Skype for missions conf.

Our church will be hosting it's annual missions conference in February, and I've been asked to try to get a few Skype phone calls setup where we have video going on both ends of the call.

We are using Easyworship 6 on our projection PC, while we are using Blackmagic Design Studio ATEM Television Studio on our recording PC, with 2 cameras connected to the ATEM. I know the ATEM has a separate HDMI out, that could be run into a video capture card, that can be installed on the projection PC. I'm thinking that the Skype call can be made through the Easyworship web browser, so the video can come into the projection PC via the capture card's USB 3 connection.

We have audio coming directly from our sound board into the ATEM, so the audio shouldn't be an issue.

Any thoughts or suggestions on getting this up and running?


I logged into the skype web version and made a call but it did not connect. I am not sure if it was an issue on my end or in Skype. I would suggest trying it. It is not supported however so there is no technical assistance that we can give you on this.
I figured that there wouldn't be support, but I was hoping that someone else had tried this, and may have some suggestions. I really want to try to run this through the ATEM and Easyworship, and make life that much easier! I will see if I can cut out some time this weekend, to get to church and play with it a little.
I did the same some years ago.
as I remember I had to reroute the video as a virtual camera from skype to EW.
hope this helps!
The missions conference was last weekend, and we decided that rather than trying to skype various missionaries, we had them shoot a 5 +/- minute video and email those to us. This way we were able to see a short video of all the missionaries that we support, rather than risking a longer skype call, that may cut others out. This ended up being better than getting the video calls.

I ended up with the flu and pneumonia the week before the conference, and ended up not able to attend any of the events last weekend, which also was a good thing we went with videos, as the video capture hardware is my own personal equipment, and was at my house. I was able to get all the videos, transfer them from whatever format they were sent in, and rerender them into MP4 files, and then transfer them to our projection PC, all from the comfort of my family room, 14 miles from church!

We may end up giving a skype call a shot sometime though the coming year though, and if it works out, I'll suggest getting some sort of video capture hardware for the church.
I agree, video was your best shot.
I found I used some kind of free security software to capture from skype and route to EW.
all on one laptop.

The flu we have this time returns after 2-3 weeks, so you have to deal with it twice.
better take your time to get well!