[v6 General Discussion] need to know how to make a list of our songs on our easyworship 6

hi ... I need to know how to copy the song list that we use and have it at home so my wife and stepdaughter can choose the songs for each worship service without having to go to the church to pick them out .. some of our songs are ones that we have put in or combined to be specific to our worship ..
I tried to copy/paste etc to word doc, from inside easyworship but it doesn't work and the songs don't show up in the profile resource folder ..
so the other choice I seem to have is to hand type each one .. and I really dont want to do ALL OF THOSE SONGS lol
yes I have them in a collection .. etc if that helps
ty for any suggestions


You can transfer all the data from one EW 6 machine to another EW 6 machine. Here is a link on how to do this.
https://support.easyworship.com/solution/articles/24000002646-transfer-my-songs-resources-from-ew6-to-ew6:y065buwp]Transfer My Songs/Resources From EW6 to EW6
You can also click on file, reports and printing and save or print a song list report.
thank you so much for your reply's ,, i will try them asap .. sorry it took so long to get back on here ,, though
thank you guys ,, i did get the whole list of songs for the complete library ,, is there a way to save just the collections etc ,, and or print them
0r maybe just be able to tell the difference between the songs we have added or the songs that we have not used .. would be a big help ..