[v6 General Discussion] Powerpoint Slides not appearing in Live Output

Testing out Easyworship 6 (6.7.8 ), prior to implementation in church, I have hit a problem on my home laptop with some powerpoint files: they do not appear in Live Output (either that part of the EW 'control' window, or on the output monitor (which is a custom position on the main laptop screen).

When I add these powerpoint files to schedule, there is a delay (not a problem in test environment) in adding them before they appear in preview, while an 'opening presentation' box apppears with with a progressing progress bar - once this completes, they are ok in the preview and preview output areas, and - on going live - in the live slide thumbnails area, but another 'opening presentation' box (with progress bar) appears and eventually goes (but without the progress bar seeming to complete), and normally I just have a black screen for live output (or whatever was there before stays), sometimes I get the first slide (only) - advancing through the powerpoint will change the live but not live output area.

Other powerpoints are fine, working as expected.

My system: Windows 7 Home Premium (or W10 Home - machine is multiple boot) 64-bit, with EW 6.7.8, and Powerpoint Viewer 2010 (14.0.4754) 32-bit (no other MS office installed - ticking & unticking 'use ppt viewer' option makes no difference). Laptop has AMD A6-3410MX processor with Radeon graphics, and 6GB Ram.

Same powerpoint opens ok (after delay with 'opening presentation' box) in ppt viewer, and works ok in EW 2007 (we've never gone to EW 2009)

What version of office is on that computer?

One thing that I did notice about your CPU is that it is below the minimum requirements . It needs to be equivalent to at least a i3 2.4 GHZ. Do you know which video card model number it is?
As stated, only element of MS Office installed on my laptop (where I've hit problem) is Powerpoint Viewer 2010 (32-bit). Powerpoint files (~.ppt) were created elsewhere, or by Libre Office Impress.

Noted about laptop being below spec: for the testing/experimentation I'm doing poor performance is not an issue (we have a higher spec machine in church), but this is a 'not working' problem.

The video card associated with screen is an AMD Radeon HD6520G, with 512MB memory, there is also an HD6490M 512MB showing in device manager.