[v6 General Discussion] Google Slides

We're going to ditch PowerPoint and do everything in Google Slides. Can we import these files into Easy Worship?


I am sorry but it is not supported. Did you know that you can use the Presentation Editor in EasyWorship and bypass PowerPoint and Google Slides?
EW Presentations are wonderful if we have time to build them. The problem is the visiting missionary who comes in 10 minutes before worship and hands me a Powerpoint, Google slide, or (God forbid) a Prezi. Need support for all of them. Otherwise we have to run them separately and switch to them.
Yes there is lots of media out there that EW can't handle and I have had most of them over the years Including WORD, PDF and XL documents. I have even had DVD's that are actually self running EXE files.
For media that EW can't handle, such as you mention above, I click on the LIVE button - top right and turn off the EW display.
I then set up the media on the second monitor and get it ready for use then click on the LIVE button again. EW output comes to the front and hides the other media.
So then you run through your program as normal with EW and when you come to the section where you need to run the Presi or other media, click on the LIVE button again and you should see that software showing on screen. Of course you will likely need to move your cursor on screen the make it active, or start the video playing or what ever you need to do. This is not as clean as using EW but is the next best thing I have come up with.
Of course, you would not want to set up all that with audience sitting watching it all happen on a big screen so you might need to mute your projector while setting that up, and of course, it would be good to have a monitor sitting beside your control screen that shows the same as your projector. Then you can set up media like that without the audience knowing.