[v6 General Discussion] Items in Schedule not referencing Resource Area

In Easyworship 2009, when items are selected in a schedule, the item is highlighted in the Resource area. It seems this functionality has been lost in EW 6.7.8. This function really helps me quickly return to scripture and add other verses when needed in a service.

Is there an option that I am missing in the program that activates this functionality or has it been intentionally left out?

It's actually designed not to switch to the scriptures tab without you clicking on scriptures. We didn't want forced focus changing to scriptures in case you needed to look at other resource elements when a scripture is selected. The selection in resources still happens, you just need to click on the scriptures tab to see it.
I think I now see the problem. The Scriptures tab has to be open in the Resource Area to see the verse being highlighted in the Resource Area. Seems that if I have the Songs tab open, the program will not open the Scriptures tab and show the verse. For me the functionality of the 2009 version was better and I hope it is restored in future updates.
This is on the feature request list, but I don't have any kind of information on when and if it will be added.
When is it planned to include other resource items - songs and media - linked between the schedule and the database?
As pointed out, this I also found was a very useful feature but sadly missed in Version 6.0 on.
6.7.8 does select scripture in the resource area when it is selected in the schedule, you don't have to do anything to turn this feature on. Other items like songs and media will not do this, but scriptures will.