[v6 General Discussion] Live output window

We have upgraded to EasyWorship 6 after many years of using EasyWorship 2009.

Everything has been quite straightforward but have come across a small glitch with our church computer.
When going live with any content, songs, scripture or presentations, etc, the display in the live output widow is skewed i.e rather than being central in the box it is low and to the right so that the bottom of the slide cannot be seen (this applies to all three modes: Live with resource preview, preview and live, preview and live combined). The image displays correctly on the secondary monitor and projector.

Thank you.


In EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//LIVE and make sure that your output is set to Secondary and not a custom position.
Thank you, Terry

The output was already set to secondary monitor. The projected image is perfect it is just the image on the primary monitor that is skewed. See screenshot. [attachment=0:vs9lfv9z]EasyWorship 6 screenshot.jpg[/attachment:vs9lfv9z]

Thanks again. Mike

Looks like there are some screen margin settings that have been changed.

Thanks, Terry

I will check it on Wednesday am and let you know.

I checked the settings and tried to adjust them. When getting the projected image right the live output window is still skewed. I will see if adjusting the projector will make a difference.
Thank you.