[v6 General Discussion] Songs not converted at new installation

I am coordinating the update from EW2009 to EW6 at our church, Church Lane Evangelical Church, Stafford, UK. I have been conducting training and familiarisation sessions with our Operators. I installed EW6 on my own PC to start with and the church has continued to use EW2009 in the interim. When I installed EW6 on my own PC, the installation went smoothly (I run Win10 Pro). This evening I attempted to install EW6 on the church computer (Win10 Home). During the installation I chose to also download the latest version, and this is installed. The database appeared to be converted but the process was not as smooth as on my own PC. The correct Media and Presentations are available in EW6 but there are no Songs. I am able to load the demo songs but our own songs do not appear.
I can run EW2009 on the church computer and everything is as it was, including Songs.
I tried running the EW2009 database recovery, and then running EW6 to see if that would kick the conversion into life without effect.
As I am able to continue with EW2009 there is no panic for this weekend, but how to continue with EW6?

Rodger - renaming the V6.1 folder worked. Thanks for your help. There was a prompt to copy settings from a previous installation which I accepted.

For the benefit of other new users, songs and scriptures added to a new schedule were white text on a black background, so the default background image setting had not been transferred. Also it took a while to generate the thumbnails for themes, so finding the previous default background image was tricky. I made do with an alternative until I find the original. Settings for songs with a custom background were retained.

I'll open a new thread on scripture autoflow.
Thanks for your reply Rodger.
We are using the Default profile in EW2009 so I selected this in EW6.
I will try renaming the v6.1 folder at the next opportunity.
First open EasyWorship 2009 and verify that you only have one profile or verify which profile you are using.
Clicking the profile menu will help with this.
You may need to open EasyWorship 6 and change the profile.
If that is not the case, you can force a conversion by renaming the v6.1 folder in the profile folder.
First close EasyWorship.
Then rename the v6.1 folder.
Usually this will be located in c:\users\public\public documents\softouch\easyworship\ profile folder name