[v6 General Discussion] Presentation LOST

I worked a long time today on a presentation - it was a lot of slides, and after working on it and getting it where I wanted, I decided to remove it from the current schedule with this Sunday's songs and create a new schedule for that presentation and a video - so I created a new schedule, added the presentation - it appeared to be there, and all of a sudden it was missing and only one slide was in it...is there a way to try and find if it is somewhere on my computer? The thought of doing it all over is not making me smile much at all! Thanks for any advice you have.

Debbie Stiglitz


Do you still have the original schedule? If so you should be able to open that and then do a check for changes and just add the presentation into the resources area and then you can add it into a new schedule.
Terry, thanks for your reply - since I am rather new to using this version of Easy Worship I think I "deleted" the presentation from the schedule it was in, instead of just removing it from the schedule. so the original file does not have it. A lesson learned - was having a bit of an overwhelming day with the whole project and didn't think through what I did.

But had my computer been backed up I suppose it would have been on there?

thanks again.