[v6 General Discussion] how can I restart a song in Live Mode

I have searched everywhere I know for this question, and watched several videos ..............When the Praise Team is practicing their song and need to start over, there is no "stop" button for them to hit and go back to the beginning of the song........they have tried hitting the black screen button and hitting the Live button, and both take them back to where they left off in the song......what is the solution to this??

You would have to go live with something else then go live with the song again. For normal songs you would just click on the first slide, but if you have audio attached it will not restart the audio. This is due to the fact that the software is playing the audio as a background which plays independently in order to not restart when going to each slide. If you go live with the same song again, it doesn't restart the song just like it would not restart your background video when going live to the song again or to a song with the same background.
Thank you very much!