[v6 General Discussion] Editing ppts in EW

I have edited ppts in EW. The ppt is down in the presentation tab, I right click and select Edit Powerpoint presentation, it comes up and I edit it. Then I close ppt? and the slides are changed for the service.

Some observations:
- It appears that the changes are only made in the EW edition and not in the original. So I would need to open the original outside of EW, make the changes, and reimport it, for the changes to be on the original.
- It also appears that I can only edit it once in EW. After I make edits within EW, it goes dim and I can no longer select Edit PPT Presentation if I right click on it. It is possible that it will reset after I restart the program or the computer, but I haven't tried that to be sure.

If editing ppt in EW is to work differently, let me know so I can try to see what I am doing wrong.


Ok. Thanks!
Yes, if you want to change the original you need to change it and the add it back into EW.
Well, it is 24 hours later and it still hadn't refreshed. However, when I clicked refresh, it did. Thank you for explaining that!

And I am glad to confirm that I am only changing my copy, not the original. SO if I want to change the original, I need to do that at the original and then re-import it.


If you add a PowerPoint to the EasyWorship Presentations resource area it is copied into the Resources\\Presentations folder. It does not move the file from the original location. It creates its own copy. When you edit the PowerPoint in Presentations in EasyWorship it is only changing the copy not the original file.

You should be able to edit it as many times as you want. It might take a little while for it to update the PowerPoint in the resources area. You can also right click it and do a refresh.