[v6 General Discussion] K-lite Codec Pack

Does K-lite Codec Pack still need to be installed with the recent updates to Easyworship?

You shouldn't need it.
Roger, are you saying as long as I have the current version, K-Lite is no longer required?

I have a question about K-Lite though, I see that the website tells me NOT to download the full version of K-Lite. However I see that the full version has a built in media player section, where we can adjust the audio delay. Right now we have such bad latency in any videos that we play, through EasyWorship or VLC, and I'm looking for an option to add latency into the audio coming with the video. If K-Lite's full version lets me do that, is there something in K-Lite that I should adjust so that the rest of K-Lite plays well with EasyWorship?