[v6 General Discussion] Beta testing EW6.7.2 produces errors

This was originally in the beta section which has been removed but I still have this issue with the new version 6.7.4. This occurs when I open any song and add it to the schedule.

[attachment=1:395zvdvp]opening schedule.jpg[/attachment:395zvdvp]

Then after hitting OK I get this error and then it's okay.

[attachment=0:395zvdvp]Then I get this error.jpg[/attachment:395zvdvp]

This does NOT happen with 6.5.5 and this applies to both my home PC and our churche's PC.

There is a ticket #20465 open for this but I can't see how dialling in to my PC is going to help when it is on two PCs using Windows 10 1703 but totally different system boards, CPUs and memory.

Thanks David

Unfortunately we have not seen this on any other computer. It would help us immensely if we could connect to your computer and take a look. Please coordinate with the technician assigned to your ticket to do a remote session so we can help you figure out what's causing this issue.
Hi Rodger/Terry
I have updated the ticket with details to arrange a remote session on Thursday at 19.00 hrs BST which I believe is 13.00 hours Central Daylight Time over there. I will be at our church then for about 90 minutes as we are testing a National Prayer Breakfast Live Stream trial.
Thanks David
We were able to remote in and find a solution. The fix will be in the next update.