[v6 General Discussion] Themes and Transition Speeds

Is there a way to have a Theme honor the songs Transition speed settings?

I am planning on using Themes extensively each week, but would prefer the song set the transition speed, not the Theme. As far as I can tell, once you drag a Theme onto a song in the schedule, it uses the Theme's speed settings.

When you edit the song click on the slides tab and select all the slides.
Go to inspector and set the transition you want to use. Don't click apply to theme.
This will set the transition on the song and not on the theme.
Now, no matter what theme you use, the transition will be the same. However, the transition settings in the theme will override the song settings, so if you set a transition in the theme, it will use that instead. That goes for anything really.
Okay, been messing with this like you said. However it is not working with the Blend transition.

If I do as you say and set the song with a Cover transition, then apply the Theme (that has no transition selected), it works. The song uses Cover.

However, if I set the song to Blend and apply the Theme that has no transition selected, I get no transition at all.

Can you confirm this is happening to you and if it is a bug. I have tried it both in the current version and the Beta with same results.

Thanks, Rodger!
You'll select all the slides in the song, and set the transition, but don't click apply to theme.
Clicking apply to theme saves the setting to the theme you are currently using and not to the song, so when the song theme changes the settings you set are replaced with whatever comes with the new theme you applied to the song.
I set it to blend on the song and set it to much slower than normal and it kept the settings after applying a differen theme to the song.
That is what I did. I followed your directions exactly. I never pressed the Apply To Theme.

Edit Song
Slides View
Select All Slides
Inspector - Chose Blend a1 1:20
Clicked Okay
Put song in shedule
Dragged Theme on song (Theme with no transition selected)
Go Live
I see no transition at all

Now if I do all that and choose Cover transition instead in the song, then I get the Cover transition.
check your theme and make sure it is not set to none.
If it is set to none, click undo changes.
It should show what is set in options.
Yes, my Theme is set to None because I thought setting anything there would override the song, no?

I tried the Undo Changes but nothing changed, still set to None.
6.5.5 seems to display it differently than the new build I'm testing.
So in 6.5.5 it should be whatever your default is set to in options.
Which seems to trump the song settings.
If you have your default set to none, it will break the blend on 6.5.5.
That doesn't seem to be the case in 6.7.3 that I'm currently testing for a future beta release.
Setting the Theme back to the default transition and then applying it to a song that has a custom transition seems to work (6.7.2). It is displaying the song transition speed not the Theme.

At least for now!