[v6 General Discussion] How to duplicate a song in the schedule or quickly find it in the database.

Long time user of EW2009 and recent convert to EW 6.

When building services in Easyworship I usually just open a previous service and make changes as much of the structure remains the same from Sunday to Sunday. In the previous version of Easyworship as you select items in the schedule the database would locate the linked item. This made it quick and easy to click on a song and be in the song database at a particular spot. Or click on a media item and be in that same area video/images/etc... The result was that I could quickly find the new objects needed by selecting a related item in the schedule.

Is there anything like that in EW6? Maybe something obvious that I have overlooked.

If not is there a way to easily duplicate an item in the schedule?

EW6 does not currently have this behavior. It has certainly been requested in the Feature Request forum.

The Beta that was just released will find a Scripture in the database when you select in in a schedule, but so far that is it.

Duplicating items in the schedule can only be done by adding it multiple times from the database.
Thanks. I had looked for this as a previous question/request but did not find it.

At least now I can stop trying to figure it out on my own.