[v6 General Discussion] Song Editor - Media Elements

So if I want a media element on every slide in the song editor, is the only way to insert it over and over?

I am trying to put a box around my text and I want the box the same size on every slide. There seems to be no easy way of doing this. I cannot even seem to copy/paste the media element onto another slide.


If you want an element on every slide in a song in the same location then all you need to do is edit the song and then click on Slides then click on the Master slide at the bottom and then click on Media and place the element where you want it and then click OK.

I just placed a video in the upper corner and the lower corner of the Master slide and clicked OK and now it is on every slide of the song.

You do the same thing with the text box just add it to the Master slide.
Wow. Never even knew there was a Master slide option. Is that info included in the training videos? Been a while since watching them, but do not remember it. Would be good info to add if not.

It is in the video about the 1 Minute mark.
http://training.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8622-working-with-songs-part-3-advanced-song-editing-ew-6-:417hdfjk]Working With Songs - Part 3: Advanced Song Editing (EW 6)
Another option is when you are in the inspector, click on the text box of one slide and then under the Element section of the Inspector - there should be a Border option, chose what type of border you want and then click on Apply to Theme. This will change all the slides on the song. This can also be done on the Master slide as referenced above. But I've found that it's easier to put a border or do a fill on the actual text box than make a separate "Media Element"
Does not look like a way to only add a line above and below the lyrics (without going all the way to the edge of the screen). Only a box all the way around.

Let me know if I am missing something that would allow that.

The more I work with the editor the more I see that it needs an APPLY buton!
Oh, my reply was for putting a box around the text (you'd have to adjust the text box first, to make it smaller (in the master slide editor) so it's as big as the slide. I don't think there's a way to just put a border on the top and bottom without the sides - in that case you would need to add a "media element" in the Master slide editor