[v6 General Discussion] Themes not changing for Songs

I'll start by saying - I'm probably doing something wrong

When I change the Song theme most of the songs pick it up - but I have some that will not change from the last theme they had - for example I have one song just called blank that I use as a spacer - i have to go in and manually edit it to this week's theme - it still has last week's showing. This can be a pain especially for the multiple verse songs that are locked in this way.

So is it a bug - or something I'm doing wrong. I go in before I start pulling in the songs and select my song and scripture default themes. But like I said - it doesn't change all the songs - it seems to limited to certain songs because I have to change the same ones each time.


I think the ones that are not changing have been edited previously. If you edit a song in the database and change the background then when you change the default theme it will not change that one because it had been edited manually.
That makes sense - but is there a way I can reset songs to go back to being able to pick up the default theme? We don't really use different backgrounds for different songs so it's a pain to have to manually change. I think I had to change some because when they converted over on the upgrade they just had black backgrounds.

We just released a new Beta that you can test out.
http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=15442&:2tkgxnj7]Click Here to download it.