[v6 General Discussion] Song Label Issue

Hi all,

In our situation it would be helpful for the leader to know how many verses are in the song as it progresses (i.e. Verse 1/3, Chorus, Verse 2/3, Chorus, Verse 3/3, End (last chorus)). Currently, we label the verses as "Verse 1" etc., the chorus as "Chorus" and end as "End" and they appear on the EW control screen in their respective colours.

If, however, the "Verse" label is changed from "Verse 1" to "Verse 1/3" the verse label loses its blue default colour on the control screen - is there a way around this? Is it a bug? Does anyone else have this requirement - if so, what do you do?

Thanks for any help.


If you put it in brackets Verse (1/3) etc it will keep the color.
Terry - thanks for the quick response, I'll give it a try.
Any other solutions from users would welcomed.