[v6 General Discussion] Updates on updates?

When are you expecting the next build to be released? The "check for changes" feature that was oddly omitted from the original build was promised to be released "as soon as possible" way back in September. While I'm sure there are other bugs being squashed here and there, I think the majority of users would appreciate frequent small updates rather than waiting a year for "the big one."

Hey KidLazer!

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, we do not currently have an expected release date; however, I can assure you that we are working on getting a functioning update out as fast as possible.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Fred Callicoat | Tech Support
Still do not understand EW policy of not putting out expected release dates. I think it is a bad idea to not give us anything. Even if it is a HUGE range like first half of 2017. Then if it slips, just tell us.

I thought EW had said they would do more communication after all the complaints waiting for the EW6 release.
Totally agree. The development of this program is quite disappointing. No updates for half a year, and no information about when it will actually come to fruition. If switching programs and retraining volunteers wasn't such an enormous hassle, I would have already ditched easyworship.

Let me be incredibly clear, I don't want to badmouth EW or be a jerk, but the developers need to know that they are killing themselves. I run a small business, and I can tell you first hand that you are creating a brand that is scaring away new customers and turning away old users. Information is key! On that point I totally agree with craigmash. I don't care if you tell us 2H 2017, just tell us something other than "soon." We're paying customers, not children asking our father when we'll be at our destination.
Thanks for all the feedback. We appreciate anything you can provide in order to help us do a better job.
We are continuing to work on our messaging to you, the customer. However, we are only able to tell you what we know to be true.
We have released the beta for 6.7. You can download it from the http://forums.easyworship.com/viewtopic.php?f=68&t=15442:klypr6mb]6.7 Beta forum.