[v6 General Discussion] Windows Media Player and EW

We audio record our sermons. We then rip the recording to the computer to post as a podcast. CDs are set up to automatically rip when they are inserting into the computer. If EW is not running, then they rip fine. However, when we are running EW, they do not automatically rip until we turn EW off. Is there some setting we need to change, so that this can rip automatically and still have EW running?


The only thing you might try is in EW click on EDIT//OPTIONS//ADVANCED and make sure the PREVENT DVD SPIN DOWN is not checked.
Ok. I will give that a try. Now having that unchecked, will that change something if I want to use a DVD during a service? We don't use DVDs much, but will it affect it when we do use one?

It might spin down and then spin back up when you are accessing a DVD.
That did not correct the problem. So since the CD won't automatically rip when EW is open, we need to go into WMP and click, rip CD. Not preferred, but it works.