[v6 General Discussion] Autoplay of Videos

Hi I'm new to easyworship. What my church would do before easyworship was put the videos we wanted to play for worship in a folder and name them with the order we wanted to play them and then hit "play all". Then I could just adjust the sound level accordingly and not have to worry about clicking "play" on each video. Is there a way to do this in easyworship such as putting a handful of videos in the schedule, hitting some sort of "autoplay" and then it automatically plays the next video without me hitting "go live" each time?


In EW6 click on the Presentation tab.
Click the + Symbol and bring up the Presentation Editor.
Click on SLIDES then click on MEDIA and then drag your video onto the SLIDE. Once you have all the videos that you want added to the presentation then do a CTRL + A to select them all.
Next Click on INSPECTOR and then click on SLIDE and change the ADVANCE SLIDE to DELAYED. (This will allow each video to play and then the next video will play and so on.) Click the X in the upper right corner of the INSPECTOR and then play the presenation
Hi Terry!
Thanks for the reply. Your solution would work great but we often change songs on the fly during worship. Is there a way to change a video in the presentation and have that change go live without disrupting the current song. Like say we had 6 songs and are currently on song 4. We want to flip the order of songs 5 and 6. How do we do this?

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out. If you have the videos in as the slides instead of making a slide and inserting the video, you can expand the presentation in the schedule and just drag and drop videos in. Then when the current video is about to end, click on the next video in the list and hit "go live" for the changes to go into the live queue and not disrupt the songs.