[v6 General Discussion] Windows update problems


Windows release a new update within the last week. This morning when I went to connect our laptop to the desk in church, Easyworship wouldn't display anything.

The screen and connections are fine, as PowerPoint would display fine.

In easyworship itself, the output screen was black, even when text was selected and put live.

The update was a windows one, Windows update KB3211320, is a mandatory one and can't be uninstalled.

My operating system is windows 10. Easyworship worked fine on Wednesday, but this update has put this wrong.

Any help or advice would be appreciated.



In EW6 click on EDIT//OPTIONS//LIVE and make sure that your Output Monitor is set to Monitor 2.
Hi Terry,

I've tried that....! I've gone through the troubleshooting list, as I had the problem before (last time, someone had to remotely dial onto my laptop and take control).

I've tried all the options in edit/options, to see if anything worked, and none did.

You can contact tech support M-F 9AM to 6PM CST.
Hi Terry,

Update on what's what.

Easyworship works when connected to a projector. With that, I tried to connect using the splitter, which has 6 screens coming off it. It wouldn't display.

After playing around, I realised that it was the screen resolution. For some reason, easyworship won't display on 1900 x 1280 (recommended setting). I tried every other option, and it would display, but not to the right scale; words missings, to small, etc.

Any reason why 1900 x 1280 isn't working, when it worked before and is the recommended setting for the display?

Are you using a scaler, or are there any scaling options set on your video card? It sounds like something is rescaling the video signal. EasyWorship is going to fit whatever resolution you give it, but if something takes the signal and scales it after the fact EasyWorship cannot overcome that. Also make sure your second screen isn't set to a DPI higher than 100%
I'm using nothing different to what I was a week ago, when it worked perfectly. The system hasn't changed. Easyworship has displayed properly for the last 3 months, until this past weekend, when it wouldn't display.

The only change is a windows update.

It will display on a single display, connecting a projector direct to the HDMI connection. When the connection is through a Kramer scaler. But this hasn't changed, and the settings on that are the same as when Easyworship displayed before.
Check your scaler please.
EasyWorship hasn't changed either, and we aren't seeing any other reports of updates causing something like this to happen.
1900x1280 Is that a typo? Otherwise, it seems an odd screen size to me