[v6 General Discussion] 'UNINVITE' A USER

One of our EW6 users has now left the church and no longer should use our EW6 licence. how do I 'uninvite' or unauthorise them, please?


I am sorry but at this time you will need to submit a ticket and we will have to remove them. I will go ahead and create a ticket using your information and then you can reply to that ticket.
Many thanks. However, are you able to let me see the names of exactly who our Church authorised to use EW6 over the past 2 years, please? We have just upgraded to EW7 subscription; so will the EW6 invitees carry across to EW7 automatically? If they don't carry across, then we can start the 'invites' from the beginning again and then ensure that a list is kept of all those authorised.
Regards. <><
Invitees will carry across to 7. At this time the accounts area of the site doesn't show the people you've invited. You can send an email to orders@easyworship.com and request a list if you need to know who has access to your account.