[v6 General Discussion] Successive powerpoints do not display properly in EW 6

Maybe someone has experienced this and can help me!

New computer using EW6. On this computer, EasyWorship has a problem with displaying any powerpoints that occur after a powerpoint in the schedule. If a powerpoint occurs after an EasyWorship text song, the powerpoint displays properly.

The improperly displayed powerpoints cut off 1/5 screen amount from right side and bottom side.

EasyWorship computer specs:
Fresh install of Windows 10
i7 7500U
Geforce 940MX (latest drivers)
Office365 installed
unchecked "use powerpoint viewer" setting

Thanks for any help!

edit: Computer monitor is 1920x1080 and projector at 800x600. The dimensions and start point in EW settings reflect these resolution settings.

edit2: One more thing, the computer seemed to be working fine before a windows update happened. I don't know if this caused the problem.

edit3: I can't reproduce the problem with the computer with a monitor as the second screen. So it may be a problem with the windows update and my projectors.


Try this. Make sure EW is closed and then right click on the Windows desktop. Click on Display Settings. Then select the screen that is your output and check the slider that reads "Change the size of text, apps, and other items:"set it to 100% if it is something else. If that does not work or it is already set that way then the next step is to right click on the EW icon. Click on Properties, Compatibility,Change settings for all users, and the check the box that reads "Disable display settings on high DPI settings" then click OK, and OK and try it again. Let me know this does not work.
Thanks for the suggestion, Roger. That setting is checked currently.
Hi Matt,

Please open PowerPoint.
Then click on slides show at the top.
Click setup Show and make sure the Resolution at the bottom right is set to use Current Resolution.