[v6 General Discussion] Runtime error 216 at 004079C6

During today's live service:

Was live on a song, clicked go live onto a PowerPoint.
Windows came up with an "EasyWorship is not responding". Live output kept the song on display.
Mild panic ensued whilst I try to catch the speakers eye for "Sorry mate, you're slides aren't gonna happen".
I then close the Windows notification. But surprisingly EasyWorship is still running. (I was expecting Windows to close the non-responsive program).
So I then clicked go live again on the PowerPoint. And this time it worked.
EasyWorship ran okay for the rest of the service.
At the end of the service I closed EasyWorship, and hidden behind the main window was an error message. "Runtime error 216 at 004079C6".

Win 7 x64
Office 2010
EW 6.5.5

We've also been experiencing runtime errors during our services especially when there are 2 or 3 powerpoints in the schedule. This has been for the last 3 weeks at least.

We are on Windows 10, with Office 2013. I upgraded to the latest build of EW6 last week in the hope that this would fix the problem but it hasn't.

Had the same problem earlier today, only way I could get my schedule to run was to close EW a couple of times and then reload the service. Not good when in the middle of a baptism service with a communion to come later!

I did notice that Powerpoint was running the screen show in a different window at one point. Not sure what is causing this to occur but my plan is to run as many updates to Windows and Office as I can find then run through the service again, see if that has resolved the problem.

In the meantime, any indication from EW on the possible cause would be appreciated.

I've experienced the same error for the latest version of EW6. I'm running Windows 8.1 and Office 2013. Has this been resolved? We often need to use auxiliary powerpoint slides for service so this is important for us.


Make sure that you have ran a repair on whatever version of Office you are using and then see if you still have then same issue. I have seen repair fix a multitude of issues.
we have been experiencing the same issue for a couple of weeks now. We're running Powerpoint 2013 with the latest build of EW. Unfortunately even though EW was advertised as being completely compatible with Powerpoint, we have had issues on and off since purchasing. We run multiple repairs on the office suite and we keep getting issues, only when we use EW. When we call support we're told that there is a slideshow builder in EW that we should use and then there would be no problems. That shouldn't be the fix. We should be able to use our Powerpoints without any problems, or EW should provide a fix. Any chance you guys can come up with a fix for your software?
This is not a common error we see anymore. Where are your PowerPoint slideshows stored? Locally or on a server?
Do you have any content in the slideshow that would link to the internet or a server.
The 216 error is coming from PowerPoint.
Unfortunately when you are launching another program and telling it what to do without an API, there can be issues with virus scanners getting in the way and other problems.
Here are some suggestions.
*Make sure the preview pane is not turned in the View tab of File Explorer.
*Check and make sure both ezwHookpp.32.exe and ezwHookpp.64.exe files are in C:Program Files (x86)SoftouchEasyWorship 6, if not, then make sure exclusions are added in antivirus software and re-install EW to create new hook files.
In Antivirus program, set exclusions for the following:

Here are Microsoft's recommendations for runtime error 216.
https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/hel ... -error-216
We have been having the issue with powerpoint and the referred to runtime error, and in fact posted about it looking for some help from the EW team. Your suggestion was to do a repair on the office suite. We've been doing repairs both the quick version and online, but the problem persists. Today while setting up for this Sunday, we got a message that the ezwhookup.exe crashed. Can this be the cause of the problem? And if so, how do we fix it?
We have powerpoint files stored locally, shouldn't be a problem, but with this new crash of the hookup we will try your suggestions concerning those files.
I recommend adding an exception to the virus scanner for ezwhookpp. It should not crash.
You can also browse to c:program files (x86)softoucheasyworship 6
Delete the hook files and reinstall from the download at http://throwback.easyworship.com/suppor ... e-download