[v6 General Discussion] Slow, rough transitions


OS: Windows 10 Pro
CPU: i5-650 3.20GHz
GPU: GTX 760 (latest driver installed)
RAM: 16 GB
Storage: A pair of Samsung 850 EVO's, one 250GB for OS and apps, one 500GB for EW database.

I am having trouble with transitions. When I hit Go Live or double click to go to the next song, It will take between 3-10 seconds for the transition to start, and the motion backgrounds will stutter or briefly stop as they go through the blend transition. In the Windows resource monitors, the CPU goes from about 20% to 40% during the transition, but nothing spikes or goes to 100% or anything. I've tried both h.264 mov files and wmv files and they do the same thing. Also both SD and HD backgrounds do it. I've saved both with files packed in schedule and not packed. I've tried disabling the GPU shrink filter. Nothing seems to have any effect.

Any recommendations?

Are you using the foldback or alpha channel features in EasyWorship?
Also see if turning off the virus scanner helps anything.
I am using the foldback, not using alpha channel.

Turning off virus scan had no effect.

However, turning off the Foldback resolved the issue. Very interesting. But I do need the Foldback feature...

So what do you think? Bug or bottleneck?
Is the foldback fore sure connected to the NVIDIA card and not an onboard graphics card?
Also, is the database stored on the hard drive or a network drive?
Is the schedule also on the hard drive or network drive?
All 3 outputs are coming from the card.
Database and schedules are stored on the second SSD.