[v6 General Discussion] Transferring 2009 database to version 6

We have purchased the upgrade version 6 and have installed fresh installation on new PC. I am wanting to transfer the existing 2009 database containing the songs but don't want to carry anything unnecssary across in order to try and keep the new installation as clean as possible. What is the correct process ? I did see a documented process but it appears to copy everything including links to media etc. I would ideally also like the 2009 profile to keep the font the same and logo information.

Also can you confirm if using a migrated 2009 database increases the risk of experiencing issues compared to using a fresh database ?

Many thanks.


If you just want the songs then copy the data folder. Open EasyWorship on the other machine and click on Profiles//Profiles Manager// here you will click on the highlighted profile next to Instance Location. This will open a window. Close the EW program and then if there is not a folder called databases create it and paste the data folder inside of it. Then open open the v6.1 folder then databases and rename this data folder. Then restart EW6 and it should import the songs.
Thanks very much for the reply. If I want to also pull in the profile configuration how do we do this ? I want to keep the font, colour and logo the same.